Bill 7

Dear Graduate Student Colleagues,  

As you may recall from fall 2016, the Alberta Government has been reviewing existing labour legislation at post-secondary institutions in order to be compliant with a Supreme Court of Canada decision concerning the right to strike. As part of that review, the GSA embarked upon a consultation process aimed at soliciting feedback directly from graduate students at the University of Alberta, prior to the provincial lobby group ab-GPAC submitting a joint position on behalf of all graduate students in the province.  

Earlier this month, we communicated on the GSA’s social media platforms, the Government of Alberta unveiled proposed legislation, Bill 7, and took it through its first reading. Bill 7 introduces changes to the Labour Relations Code and the Post-Secondary Learning Act that will affect Graduate Assistants at the University of Alberta.  You can learn more about Bill 7 here and here.  

The GSA will remain engaged on this important issue, especially so in advance of the expiration of the current Assistantship Collective Agreement (negotiated by the GSA with the University’s Board of Governors) and the opening of negotiations for the next agreement. To that end, graduate students are encouraged to watch the GSA newsletter for consultation sessions planned for the summer of 2017, and other opportunities to provide feedback to the GSA.  

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact the GSA Vice-President Labour, Sasha van der Klein, at  

Sarah Ficko, GSA President 2016-2017
Sasha van der Klein, GSA Vice-President Labour 2016-2017 and 2017-2018