Graduate Student Supervision

The Graduate Students’ Association, along with the Provost and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, initiated a Graduate Student Supervision Task Force in 2011-2012. Professor Naomi Krogman was appointed as a Provost’s Fellow to examine the quality of graduate student and post-doctoral fellow supervision at the University of Alberta.

Her final report “The Quality of Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Supervision at the University of Alberta” was released in April 2014, and contained five main recommendations; sub-recommendations were developed under each main one:

  1. Earlier guidance to students to improve student success
  2. Increased accountability of supervisors and departments for good supervision to address hidden weaknesses
  3. Training and mentorship to supervisors to raise standards of supervision and mentorship
  4. Guidance and mentorship to students to improve culture of mentorship
  5. Better integrate post-doctoral trainees into department culture; provide more training on post-doctoral scholar supervision, and more post-doctoral scholar professional development training opportunities

For additional information on supervision:

The GSA continues to review and consider the recommendations contained in Dr. Krogman’s report.