2017 GSA Recognition Awards Recipients

Each year the GSA hosts a celebration to honour graduate students who have distinguished themselves in research, teaching, academic achievement, leadership, and service to the University and to the wider community. The GSA also recognizes University faculty and staff members for their outstanding contribution to graduate education, and acknowledges those alumni and benefactors who continue to support and champion graduate students at the University.

On March 24, 2017, the winners of the 2016 GSA Awards will be celebrated at our annual Awards Night celebration. The Awards ceremony will begin at 5:00 PM in TELUS 150; a reception will follow in the Atrium.

A list of winners is found below.

Graduate Student Service Awards

Alexandra Beatty

Stephanie Booth

Ty Kim

Valerie Miller

Graduate Student Principal Instructor Awards

Kathleen Danser

Jesus Toapanta

Marta-Marika Urbanik

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Award 

Brayden Whitlock

 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Awards

Homa Askarian Khanaman

Benjamin Cheung

Jacqueline Dennett

Alain Gervais

Stephen Lane

Thomas Scully

Kevin Yoon

 Graduate Student Research Assistant Awards

Kulpreet Cheema

Seyed Ali Goldansaz

Behnam Khorshidi Mianaee

Noelannah Neubauer

Pooya Shariaty

Jacqueline Torti

Leila Zargarzadeh

Martha Piper Awards

Laura Castro de la Guardia

Mohammad Mahdi Honari Kalateh

Melissa Tremblay

 Graduate Student Rising Star Awards

Carolyn Gibson

Maryam Kebbe

Camila Pinto

International Graduate Student Award 

Pony Meyer

Graduate Student Group Award 

Association of Graduate Anthropology Students

Supervisor Award 

SSHRC area – Lia Marie Daniels


CIHR area – Lawrence Le

NSERC area – Paul Myers

Non-Academic Staff Award

Cecilia Anders