GSA Awards Night 2012

Each year the GSA hosts a celebration to honour graduate students who have distinguished themselves in research, teaching, academic achievement, leadership, and service to the University and to the wider community. The GSA also recognizes University faculty and staff members for their outstanding contribution to graduate education, and acknowledges those alumni and benefactors who continue to support and champion graduate students at the University.

On March 27, 2015, the winners of the 2015 GSA Awards were celebrated at our annual Awards Night celebration. A list of winners is found below.

Graduate Student Service Awards

Katherine Evans

Travis Schoepp

Leigh Spanner

Jenny Yoon
Graduate Student Principal Instructor Teaching Awards

Peyman Azad Khaneghah

Masoud Jahandar Lashaki

Randelle Nixon
TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Award  Shaimaa Hussein
 Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Awards

Alireza Akhavan

Lindsay Canham

Russel Fuhrer

Jordan Hodgkinson
Stephan Lane
Gabriel Simion Oltean
Kyle James Welsh
 Graduate Student Research Assistant Awards

Vahid Abdollah

Marcella Cassiano Siqueria

Harneet Chahal 

David Dockman

Forough Jahandideh
Anastasia Kulpa
W. Scott Persons
 Martha Piper Awards

Michael Burns

Allison Hahn

Joshua Pemberton

 Graduate Student Rising Star Awards

Ahmad Wail Al-Dabbagh

Ashley Dalrymple

David Lim

International Graduate Student Award  Gavin Bradley
Graduate Student Group Award  Neuroscience Graduate Students' Association
Supervisor Award 
CIHR area - Cary Brown
 SSHRC area - Sathya Rao
NSERC area - Brent Swallow
Non-Academic Staff Award
David Dubyk
 Virginia Mokofka
Kim Wilke-Budinski