GSA Statement Regarding the University Financial Sustainability and Preliminary Budget Planning for 2018-2019

October 26, 2017

On Tuesday, October 24, the University of Alberta Provost and Vice-President (Academic), Steven Dew, and the Vice-President (Finance and Administration), Gitta Kulczycki, released a statement with respect to the University’s budget planning. This statement summarized the University’s current financial challenges and noted administration’s intention to reduce its operating budget significantly over the next three years. You can read the statement here.

The University of Alberta Graduate Students' Association (GSA) recognizes that the University is faced with a difficult economic environment and we are committed to ensuring that these budget cuts affect neither the institution’s high quality of education, nor the graduate student experience. The GSA values its productive working relationship with University administration and, in collaboration with the Students’ Union, we will closely monitor developments related to this issue and continue conversations with the University to ensure that student services and program quality are maintained. As outlined in the GSA Board’s 2017-2018 Strategic Work Plan, we will also continue advocating against across-the-board tuition increases beyond the Alberta CPI for all graduate students.

The GSA encourages graduate students to attend a campus forum organized by the University to further discuss the budget planning process in light of this announcement. You can register here to attend the forum.