Park and Ride Changes

Park & Ride Changes at Century Park Begin November 20, 2017

On, Monday, November 20th, there will be 199 fewer Park & Ride stalls at Century Park. Of the 199 stalls, there will be 50 fewer free stalls and 149 fewer reserved stalls available. The City is returning parking spaces to the private landowner, as requested, to accommodate development plans.

The City of Edmonton uses leased land at Century Park to operate the Park & Ride lot with the help of Impark. According to lease agreements, the City is required to move and/or return parking spaces to accommodate development plans by the private landowner, Century Park Development Ltd. More changes are expected in 2018 for landowner development.

For inquiries about these areas or future development plans, please contact the landowner directly at 780-414-8888.

For more information, visit