Board Strategic Work Plan

Message from the GSA President Concerning the Board Strategic Work Plan 2017-2018

Dear Fellow Graduate Students,

The 2017-2018 GSA Directly-Elected Officers are working on developing the GSA Board’s Strategic Work Plan (SWP) for the year and are seeking input from graduate students to help inform the development of the Board SWP and your graduate student group’s advocacy priorities.

You can submit your feedback electronically before June 15, 2017:

The full 2016-2017 SWP can be found here. Some of its key areas of focus included:

Advocating for the development of a supervisory training program for both incoming students and supervisors, and the development of an accountability structure to reward quality supervision while creating incentives to improve poor supervision.

Advocating for consistent, predictable, and sufficient funding which affects student health and wellness, the ability to conduct quality research, and their experience at the U of A.

Working with the University on compliance, education, and dispute resolution associated with the Collective Agreement governing graduate student assistantships.

Increasing and diversifying professional development and internship opportunities through collaboration with the FGSR and other parties.

Commitment to meaningful engagement and advocacy on issues of graduate student tuition and fees.