Message from the GSA Vice-President Labour Concerning Bill 7

As follow up to information on Bill 7 (an act to enhance post-secondary academic bargaining) circulated in April via the GSA newsletter, the GSA would like to again encourage all graduate students (and especially those who are, have been, or will be academically employed as Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, and Principal Instructors), to access information from the government (including a summary of Bill 7's highlights and the legislation itself) which the GSA had previously circulated and which can be found here.

With respect to next steps, the Alberta Graduate Provincial Advocacy Council (ab-GPAC), of which the GSA is a member, will be further discussing this important issue with government. Furthermore, the GSA will be engaging in discussions with the University, as well as securing a legal review/opinion on the implications of Bill 7 (and associated legislation, such as the Labour Relations Code) for the GSA in terms of our Bylaw and Policy, current and future collective agreements, and bargaining processes.

Once the GSA has a complete understanding of this pivotal issue, we will engage in further outreach to graduate students through the GSA newsletter, town halls, individual meetings with interested parties, and the preparation and circulation of briefing documents/overviews to help educate graduate students. You are encouraged to watch for further updates over the summer of 2017 and/or to reach out to the GSA if you have questions or concerns.

Regards, Sasha van der Klein, GSA Vice-President Labour, 2017-2018